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Kick Nuclear Supports ‘Stop Moorside’ Demonstration outside of Whitehaven Civic Hall on Saturday May 16th, 2015

Kick Nuclear wish to express their support for Radiation Free Lakeland in their objections to plans for building a new nuclear power station at Moorside.

The plans are for three very large nuclear reactors with a combined capacity of 3,400MW of energy to be built at the site. The present joint owners of the project are 60% the Japanese company Toshiba and 40% the French one, GDF Suez (renamed “Engie” last month) and the reactors they intend to build are AP1000 pressurised water reactors, which are also designed and built by Toshiba,.

We wish to put four objections to these plans:

1) Many studies have shown that nuclear reactors leak radiation into the surrounding ground and air and cause a rise in radiation-linked disease such as leukaemia in children living in the surrounding area.



2) The Sellafield area is already the most polluted area in the British Isles in terms of radioactivity and the aim should be to get rid of all the radioactive pollution in the area and not add to it.

3) When things go wrong with nuclear reactors, as at Chernobyl and Fukushima, the consequences can be catastrophic. We should not take that risk.

4) Nuclear reactors produce large amounts of nuclear waste containing many radioactive substances some of which have half-lives lasting tens of thousands of years. We should not leave such a legacy for future generations to have to deal with and suffer the health effect of.

3rd Anniversary of 3.11 vigil/protest in front of the Japanese Embassy, London

Dear anti-nuclear power activists, supporters and friends,

It is the 3rd anniversary of our 3.11 leafleting vigil and protest on 7th August 2015. As it is a special occasion for all of us, we would like to organise our monthly READ-OUT of our
statement to the Japanese Prime Minister on this day instead of 31st July 2015.
In August in Japan it is reported that Kyushu Electric Power Company plans to apply to regulators for the final ‘applied safety inspection’ of Sendai nuclear power plant 1 on 3rd August. This check is expected to take one week, making 10th August a potential start-up date.
Another 20 reactors are behind Sendai in the restart process, which is expected to gradually speed up after the first few units are back in normal operation. The Japanese government envisages a return to using nuclear power for 20-22 % of electricity by 2030 as part of a plan to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 26% compared to fiscal year 2013.
Under such circumstances, it is very important that we keep up raising our voices to show our opposition to Nuclear Power in Japan.
Himawari JAN UK, Kick Nuclear and CND are planning to organise the monthly READ-OUT of the protest statement to the Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and send the protest statement to the President of TEPCO on Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant disasters since 11 March 2011.
We will start our protest vigil from 10:00am and the statement read-out from 11:30 am on 7th August 2015 ( Friday ) in front of the Japanese Embassy.
Anti-Nuclear Power speeches/songs/poems are also very welcome.
The READ-OUT to TEPCO does not take place from this month as their office at Berkley House is moved to the unknown location last week. However, our protest statement will be sent to the TEPCO Head Office in Tokyo, Japan.
Venue: In front of the Japanese Embassy.
Nearest station: Green Park ( Piccadilly Line, Zone 1 ), 3 minutes walk towards Hyde Park.
Date and Time : 7th August 2015 ( Friday ) from 10:00 am till 12:30 pm.
東電ロンドン・オフィスは6月にBerkley Houseから移転しました。移転先は現在分かっていません。従って、東電宛の
場所:ロンドン日本大使館前、101-104Piccaddilly W11 7LT
最寄駅:Green Park, Piccadelly Line, 駅からHyde Park方向へ徒歩5分。
日時: 8月7日(金)午前10時より午後12時半まで。

An Appeal to KN supporters

Dear friends

This is the first ever appeal by Kick Nuclear to its supporters, since we are rapidly running out of money!

So, why should you support us?

Over the last three years plus we have carried out the following:

Ever since the beginning of August 2012 we have held a weekly picket outside both the Japanese Embassy and the nearby Company (TEPCO), in collaboration with Japanese Against Nuclear UK (JAN UK. )  This picket has given out hundreds of leaflets in both English and Japanese each week reminding passers-by of the Fukushima disaster and, in the light of the dangers this and previous nuclear disasters reveal, calling for an end to nuclear power in the UK.

The group also produces a quarterly update giving details of the continuing disaster at Fukushima, also both in English and Japanese, hundreds of which are also given out each week at the above pickets and also distributed at other events. In the past three years, again in collaboration with JAN UK and with the support of CND, we have organised events to mark the successive anniversaries of the Fukushima Disaster.  In all cases these have consisted of three parts: a high-powered meeting in the House of Commons on the eve of the anniversary, with leading anti-nuclear scientists and eye-witnesses of the disaster or its aftermath; a vigil opposite the Japanese Embassy on the evening of the anniversary; and a march on Parliament on a neighbouring Saturday passing the Japanese Embassy and the TEPCO offices, followed by a rally with speakers and performers opposite Parliament.

Other actions we’ve organised include producing and distributing leaflets outside World Nuclear Association and other pro-nuclear Conferences and organising public meetings addressed by scientists.  We have also supported and taken part in marches against climate change.

We hold monthly organising meetings and more frequent ones with JAN UK in the lead up to the annual Fukushima anniversary events.

We also liaise with other antinuclear groups – CND, South West Against Nuclear, Radiation Free Lakeland, Close Capengurst Campaign, Local Authorities against Nuclear, and the Nuclear Trains Action Group of London Region CND.

So if you want to show your support for these actions and our campaign, please consider making a donation to our group, either by post or electronically.

By post, send a cheque or postal order made out to “Kick Nuclear” to myself,
David Polden, London Region CND, Mordechai Vanunu House, 162 Holloway Road, London N7 8DQ.

Electronically, you should contact your bank and tell them that you wish to pay “Kick Nuclear”, account number “65669033”, sort code “08-92-99”, the sum you wish to pay.  Our account is a business account with the Co-op Bank plc, PO Box 101, 1 Balloon Street, Manchester M60 4EP if your bank wishes to confirm the sort code.

If you make a payment electronically it would be helpful to let us know.

Thanks for any support you wish to give

David Polden
(Kick Nuclear Treasurer.)