Kick Nuclear’s messages, letters and leaflets re the nuclear industry

Nuclear Industry Association Conference – 6 December 2018

World Nuclear Association Symposium – 14 September  2017

World Nuclear Association Symposium – 15th September 2016

Joint statement to PM Shinzo Abe and Ambassador Keiichi Hayashi – 11 March 2016

Joint statement to TEPCO (Tokyo Electric Power Company) – 11 March 2016

Treasury: Nuclear is not the answer to Climate Change, London – 29th November 2015

World Nuclear Association Symposium – 10th September 2015

Nuclear Industry Forum – 23 June 2015

Nuclear Energy In The UK conference – March 2015

Nuclear New Build Forum – 2014

Statement to the Japanese government – October 31st 2014

Statement to TEPCO (Tokyo Electric Power Company) – October 31st 2014

WORLD NUCLEAR ASSOCIATION ANNUAL CONFERENCE, at the Central Hall, Westminster – September 11th & 12th 2014

Protest at Nuclear Industry Forum – 18th July 2014

An open letter to UNITE union staff – 30th June 2014

Kick Nuclear warning outside of the Institute of Civil Engineers – What’s wrong with nuclear? – 27th March 2014

Message to the Institution of Mechanical Engineers: ‘Why nuclear is finished’ – 26th September 2013

Open letter to the 38th Annual Symposium of the World Nuclear Association – 12th September 2013

Kick Nuclear Activists Return to Leaflet DECC and The Treasury – 14th & 15th May 2013

Hold The Hard Line, Treasury – 2nd April 2013

Letter about nuclear subsidies and Energy Bill, 14th November 2012

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