Kick Nuclear mission statement

Who we are:

  • We are part of a UK-wide network to stop nuclear power. We are committed to exposing the government’s planned ‘nuclear renaissance’ as dangerous, expensive and a false solution to climate change.
  • We aim to work in an environment without hierarchy or prejudice.
  • Our long-term aim is to help develop a new energy paradigm in the form of a sustainable, socially-just, decentralised energy network based on co-operation, not exploitation.
  • We are part of an international movement whose campaign tools include non-violent direct action and civil disobedience. 

Our key messages and aims:

  • We believe that Nuclear Power is a false solution to climate change. We are opposed to the government’s proposed ‘nuclear renaissance’, starting with Hinkley and Sizewell, as well as lifetime extensions for existing reactors. We aim to help shut down the nuclear industry.
  • As the Fukushima disaster in Japan has once again shown, Nuclear Power is a dangerous technology; and it can lead to nuclear weapons proliferation. Nuclear power is also uneconomic (unable to survive without massive state subsidies even after sixty years) and dirty, leaving a legacy of toxic radioactive waste that remains hazardous for thousands of years, for which there is still no safe long-term storage or management solution.
  • Germany is showing the world how it is possible to create a path to a sustainable, low carbon, nuclear-free future. With its focus on reducing energy use and investing in renewable energy and energy storage, it is moving forwards, while our government is taking us backwards,locking us into Nuclear and Fossil Fuel energy generation.
  • Taking the nuclear path will force the poorest in our society to pay the most for its energy. While the “better off” will be able to afford the upfront costs of investing in energy saving measures and small-scale renewables :– domestic insulation, solar panels, onshore wind, ground-source heat pumps, combined heat and power, etc ; poorer households will continue to rely on energy from nuclear and fossil fuel power stations provided by the big energy companies, leaving them hostage to ever-rising fuel bills.
  • As well as working towards a decentralised energy system that is clean, green and fair, we recognise the need for society as a whole to reduce its energy usage and overall levels of consumption. The profit-driven economy is exploitative and fundamentally flawed. Instead, we need to progress towards a society founded on the principles of co-operation and social justice. We are working towards a vision of society in which decision-making is devolved to community level where wealth is fairly distributed and finite planetary resources shared equitably in a sustainable way.
  • We work towards creating a mass movement against nuclear power and a groundswell of public opposition to it by building and developing alliances with environmental and other campaigners; mobilising people for action.