fukushima update 1, Winter 2012

FUKUSHIMA UPDATE December 2012/January 2013

On March 11th, 2011, an earthquake followed by tsunami hit northern Japan. Within 2 days, three reactors at Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant melted down. The tubes of fuel in the reactors heated up, to maybe 3000 C, melted, and slumped to the bottom of the Reactor Pressure Vessel (RPV) that contained them. It then in all three cases burnt through the seals around the control rod entry holes in the bottom of this metal bottle, the RPV, and dribbled out in various amounts on to the concrete floor underneath, which it began to burn into and through. It is unknown to what extent it has burnt through this concrete floor. TEPCO says ‘not quite through’, others say probably through into the rock and soil under the plant. The concrete pan on which it sits is probably cracked by the march earthquakes. This is shown by, Tepco admits, groundwater seeping in to these 3 ‘basements’. This mixes with the water that Tepco is pouring in from the top of the RPV, which is only a few feet deep in the bottom of the RPVs and leaking out into the basements. The surface of this water is lethal, 1 million sieverts per hour in reactor 1 which would kill a human in seconds. Tepco is drawing out this water, trying to filter it, squirting some of it back into the reactor and storing the rest on site. So far 240,000 tons of this lethal water. They say they will run out of storage space in 18 months. This cobbled together filter system, plastic pipes etc., freezes and cracks in winter, leaks sporadically all year round. The filter system only gets some of the radioactive elements out of the water, producing filter discs that are themselves lethal to humans, and leaving the water lethal anyway. A field is filling up with container loads of these deadly filter discs. They say they’ll worry about them later.

Meanwhile, if groundwater is leaking in to the 3 basements, its fair to say some of the water in the basements is leaking out. The Pacific Ocean is 100 metres away. Fish with 24,500 bq/kilo (rock trout, bottom feeder) caught 20 miles away. To the surprise of scientists, they discovered last month that this years fish within 50kms of Fukushima are as radioactive as last year, or worse. They thought it would be lower. (We didn’t.) Water must be leaking out of the basements into the sea. Oh dear. We can’t stop it, and it will continue for either decades or centuries. No one is sure yet.

Meanwhile, when the reactors melted down, they got hot. Vaporised metals and steam carrying metal dust blew out of the top and/or sides and/or cracks in the 3 RPVs, especially during the first three days. This settled largely to the north west over 100kms, so the hills and then the streams flowing out of those hills, the lakes, the seas near where the rivers enter them and the fish in them are all ‘hot’. Radiation above safety limits is found in the rice, beef, tea, plums and fish. (These safety limits of 100bq/k are in our opinion too high anyway; if you eat food at those levels for a few years you’re in trouble.) 37,000 bq/kilo was found last week in the wild pigs in the forests 50 miles north of Fuku. They eat mushrooms, ( their mistake,) and mushrooms were found last week at 3000 bq/kilo 200 kms north of Fuku. Higher than last year, again surprising scientists, (though not us).

All 3 reactors are too radioactive for people to go near to find out where they are leaking. They send robots, but the intense radiation knocks out the electronics. They say they are going to invent robots tough enough to survive, and that in 40 years it’ll be cleaned up. No it won’t. They admit that ‘decontamination’ is not effective, lowering readings only maybe 40%, (peach farmers jet washed their trees) and that they build up again over half a year. They are taking tsunami rubble covered by the plume from Fuku and burning it, creating radioactive smoke and dust which then settles out everywhere.. They set a limit of 8000 bq/k for burying debris, and anything over this they mix with cleaner rubbish to bring down the average to 7999 bq/k and then bury it. That’s not science, that’s cheating.

They, (Tepco, government, ministries, nuclear mafia in general) lie about all this. It was obvious after three days they had had 3 meltdowns. (You’ve had 3 hydrogen explosions? That hydrogen can only have been formed by being stripped from steam when fuel rods made of zirconium heat up enough, (1200C) or burn, forming zirconium oxide and releasing the hydrogen. If you’ve had hydrogen explosions, you’ve had meltdowns. Now at least admit it so the population can run and hide and take iodine and know what’s going on. Can’t do that in case neighbourhoods become anti-nuke.) They denied it for 2 1/2 months, still claiming that the 3 are in cold shutdown. No, they’ve melted down. Its different. They are colder than they were, but 450 tons of water is still being poured into their steaming bellies daily. And running out the bottom, see above..

Oh, and if spent fuel pool number four drains, due to its walls cracking or the building collapsing in an earthquake in the next few years, the fuel in it will burn and they will lose Tokyo. Seriously. Crazy risk to take just to boil water.

Enough for now. For daily updates, try http://enenews.com/ , http://fukushima-diary.com/ 


That’ll get you started. And no new nukes in the UK, please. If they have a bad day they wreck your country.

Kick Nuclear http://www.kicknuclear.org JAN http://januk.org/english.html

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