Ain’t Got Time To Die: Art Exhibition, London, May 2016


Ain’t Got Time To Die – Art Action UK presents Kyun-Chome! 

This emerging ‘art unit’ engages with social and political issues caused by the earthquake, tsunami and nuclear disaster in East Japan in 2011. Kyun-Chome deftly construct daring art interventions and thoughtful participatory works. Although poetic and humorous, their work avoids whitewashing complex political concerns. Kyun-Chome highlight the gravity of social issues in Japan by drawing out global themes and engaging international audiences. The works ask each viewer to confront his or her own precarious existence in the world. Their upcoming London exhibition Ain’t Got Time To Die promises powerful and unexpected insights into contemporary Japan.

13 May – 21 May 2016

Deptford X Project Space: 9 Brookmill RoadLondonSE8 4HSKyun-Chome Press Release_ FINAL1

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